What is RiskIT?

What is RISKIT???

• Working in judgement-free environment • Trying new things • Experimenting • Taking the fear out of technology • Making teachers young again • Mind over matter • Taking control of the technology • Learning new things • Learning from students • Not afraid of failure, learn from it

All in all ........ taking the risk
As a consequence:

•Interesting lessons
• Enthusiastic students
• Reach all students • Save time • Achieve more • Teachers are learners • learners are teachers • active learners • technology as a mean to a goal • innovative ideas • highly skilled staff

lot more .....

This initiative started at Northfleet School for Girls three years ago. It’s been gaining ground since and now used by other schools in the area too.

Mr A Benjeddi


  1. I have put some videos and on the school website. I will put more download and posters soon.
    please contact me if you have any queries, or twitter @benjeddi

  2. We have just had OfSED and RiskIT was talked about and they wanted to see more of that. more about that when the full report is published.

  3. BETT Show seminar:
    please come along to the seminar I am presenting at the BETT Show here are the details
    • Title: RiskIT Week – encouraging ALL your teachers to try a new tech tool that improves teaching and learning
    • Day and time: Thursday 31st January, 10.15-11.00
    • Session code: LD08
    • Location: Learn Live Theatre C

    see you there

  4. This is such a fantastic idea. I caught your seminar at BETT and I've been telling anyone who will listen in Co. Wicklow that we should do this. I will trial it next year with some of the schools I work with.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hello Wendy,
      thank you for your comment, please link with us so that we can promote the project. is it possible to put you website here, i am always looking for good examples.