Tuesday 29 October 2013

Please see what Wendy said about the project

This is such a fantastic idea. I caught your seminar at BETT and I've been telling anyone who will listen in Co. Wicklow that we should do this. I will trial it next year with some of the schools I work with.
Thanks for the inspiration!

RiskIT Week: Feedback focus

If you are new to the project and have been taking part over the last two years, here is some info you might find relevent.

As staff have grown in confidence using the technolgy "with" students, the focus has become more and more on the output ie: IMPACT of the technology rather on the learning. althought this is a contentious issue and can be hard to prove, it is however easy to notice learning taking place and improvement over time can be evidenced.

The innovative use of ICT under RiskIT Week strategy cannot be just for the show, using the technology for the sake if technology. It must support the learning and teaching and in line with the school's ICT Strategy development.

Staff are free to chose what ICT to do during the weeks of RiskIT, however as a school we have a focus element that they implement as part of their activity. This year, the focus is "FEEDBACK". how can we improve feedback, that means students giving feedback to their peers and staff giving feedback to students.
This coincided with the new VLE we are using Sharepoint (KLZ).

The only rule for RiskIT Week is: staff have to use something new in ICT with students.

So why don't you take part in this year's RiskIT Week and see the benefits to your students.
for more info please contact us using the link from the website www.riskitweek.com