Tuesday 14 April 2015

BETT Show 2016

Some schools have been using the RiskITWeek strategy as an integral part of their school life. RiskIT is about more than just changing the mind set of the stakeholders in the school, it is about changing the culture and giving students the best of everything they deserve.

Most schools have invested lot of money on new technologies, some have new buildings too. unfortunately staff training has not matched this investment in most schools. and as staff move from one school to another, you find yourself faced having no funding nor time allocated to train all staff again.

With the pressure on time and money, RiskITWeek offers the best CPD there is. RiskIT is about building confidence in teachers to using new technologies and experiment with new ideas.

This year, we have presented the first RiskITWeek Award to Tunstall School. We are looking for more school this coming year.

we are also looking for some school to share their experiences at the BETT Show 2016.
 strategy is sponsored by http://ncstechnology.co.uk/
and supported by @Naace