Saturday 26 September 2020

Book on Amazon

The RiskITWeek is here now and you can find it in Amazon books, just type RiskITWeek or click here
It took me about five years to prefect the strategy, with lot of up and downs. it was worth it, now i am ready to share with you and hopefully you will find it useful.
Over fifty schools used the strategy over the last few years with some of them included as part of their CPD.

Extract from the book


Learning something new can sometimes be frightening, and that is usually due to a lack of confidence, just as some people don’t like exams or job interviews. A factor that adds to a lack of confidence is that technology for education differs greatly from personal technology. For example, using your mobile phone or home laptop for personal use are not the same as using these same devices to deliver a lesson. In the first instance, you only need to know your technical limitations and try to overcome them. In the second, you need to be aware of other people’s limitations, and unless you are ready to confront 20 students (or more) with a variety of issues and problems as well as different levels of skills, then you have not put yourself in the learner’s shoes. You “may” not maximise the learning within the class. "

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