Chosing a Theme

Each school is different in the level of experience of ICT of its staff. The principals of RiskIT is for the school to know its strength and build on it. We have been implementing RiskIt for many years and each year we plan carefully the theme of the RiskIt period. In line with the school development plan ie: independent learning, Questioning, creative thinking, collaborative learning etc

Our early RiskIt years were not based on Themes, at the time the time the focus was on building confidence amongst staff and therefore they were free to chose whatever they were comfortable with. our role was to support them and provide technical support.

Based on the theme selected, i can then put some practical ideas on what staff might use with their students. Teachers could contribute or chose their own ideas/skills to creative lessons. the role of Heads of Departments and Domain Leaders are crucial

RiskIt is not dependent on hardware, good and create use of websites and is usually very successful.
As we were moving from one VLE to a  newer one, we thought it would be good opportunity to include it in the theme of RiskIt.
Staff used features on the new VLE for the first time with their classes.  Although this was not exclusive.
 BETT Show 2014
Where ideas can be born!

Naace stand: rewarding achievement

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