Programming? me?

I have never I thought I would be able to programme anything let alone "hello world". to be honest, I tried to avoid learning programming at all cost, although I have technical mind having been in charge of school IT system for many years.
Anyway, if you have never done any kind on "Control technology" or just want to stretch your mind, here is one place you can start from.

I purchased an Arduino and some kit, found this fantastic instructor's video series and dived in.,
At beginning I learned how to switch the light ON and OFF.
then started to take "bog" leaps: using two LEDs rather than, it felt great. You can the result straight away.
This is not theoretical anymore, this is me changing the world, (well changing the light rather).

Next step I worked on the user input, weird, but it became interesting in the later lessons.
you learn about the voltage, current and resistant
weird stuff !! 

I am now on lesson 13 and still enjoying it.
I always believe you should learn something new from time to time, after all I have to follow my own advice of RiskITWeek.

I will keep you infirmed about my programming legend, I may even get a job with Google in about 20 years time, who knows.
have a go try it.. take the risk now...
Look at the twitter for some updates @benjeddi

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